greetings all

greetings all after my hiatus ive finally gotten back on line (more or less) in our new place here, i just went thru the last hundred or so messages from you all… the record will most certainly be out for the summer. its finally wrapped and “in the can” as they say and i for one really like it, Steve Thompson who produced Korn and a shitload of other current stuff came in to do a few more songs and mix and master and we’re indebted to him for doing a great job… Jimmy is around, hasnt ‘left the band’ most likely will be on the next bunch of shows, but its up to him to discuss his own stuff so im gonna leave it at that for now as usual thanx for all the nice comments, thanx to all the people who write regularly, Rob, Luciana, Claudia, etc etc my computer is completely fucked right now so im gonna keep this brief ive got a lot going on personally but as far as this all is concerned, again i really do like the new record and we may be out with some shows before it comes out as to current events i was watching the war the other day and noticed that underneath the press conference with a bunch of military dudes (resembling a camouflage fashion show) were basketball scores… at the time it just seemed like “well ok, yeah” but later i realised how totally fucking insane the whole thing is, why im not emotionally reacting to any of this, because like everyone else ive been completely desensitized by everything coming at me on the same level, news is entertainment is reality tv is all a bunch of bullshit… more later chris

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