Blondie: Vivir en la Habana Available Now
Hello everyone,  

We are excited to announce the release of the official soundtrack to BLONDIE: VIVIR EN LA HABANA, our new short film capturing the live performance in Havana, Cuba. The film was created by artist and director Rob Roth and documents achieving a life long dream of ours… to perform in Havana. The 6-song soundtrack (on limited edition blue vinyl) will feature “The Tide is High” and “Wipe Off My Sweat” which are available digitally now, as well as “Heart of Glass”, “Rapture”, “Dreaming” and “Long Time”. Several songs include amazing collaborations with some very gifted Cuban musicians.  

“We had wonderful Cuban musicians join us for the performances – vocalists, percussionists, horn players – they added a terrific level of excitement to our songs. On ‘The Tide Is High’, Síntesis vocalists Ele Valdés and Maria del Carmen Avila sang with me and did the original harmonies that John Holt had put on the song, it was incredibly beautiful. Latin music has always been part of the feel of New York, so it was amazing to finally be able to put a very personal touch on the heartbeat of Cuba. VIVA!” notes Debbie Harry.  

“This was a great opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of Cuba. It is such a beautiful and friendly country. There is so much appreciation for art, music and nature. The Cuban people have a joy for life, and it was amazing to experience that first hand,” added Clem Burke.  

BLONDIE: VIVIR EN LA HABANA presents a meditation on this formative trip, showcasing highlights from the two-night live musical performances, as well as unique, intimate behind-the-scenes moments captured throughout their time in Havana.   “When this opportunity came up I could not imagine not documenting it. I knew it was going to be special somehow,” explains Director Rob Roth. “We were there for a short period of time but we managed to pack in some really beautiful moments, and authentic interactions with people think that is what the title of the film is all about: being ALIVE in Havana, not just living there. So for me the music, the live performances, watching all the Cuban people enjoy life, and the expressions on their faces… that is being ALIVE.”  

BLONDIE: VIVIR EN LA HABANA Limited Edition Blue Vinyl is available now.

Additionally, a Havana inspired merchandise capsule designed by Rob Roth is available at the BLONDIE web-store.


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