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new song, some info

would you trust this guy…

jumbo layer

to write a song lyric?  this is my pal Gilles Riberolles, he lives in Paris… one of the songs i worked on for the record is an homage to Jacques Brel and Serge Gainsbourg amongst others… soo i guess about, damn… maybe 8 months ago i sent Gilles a copy of the track and he wrote a beautiful lyric and vocal melody for it as well as helping with the arrangement

the song is called “Le Bleu A L’ame” or “Blue In The Soul” or maybe “… In The Heart” its a bit idiomatic… its one of my favorites of the new batch… its entirely en Francais

i produced a record for Gilles’ band Casino Music in 1979 for ZE records… i had met him earlier in France where he worked as a journalist for the music press; Rock and Folk etc… his latest endeavors are with his current group Jumbo Layer