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4-LP Blondie Box Set—1974-1982: Against The Odds—To Release with Blondie Comic Debut From Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner & Montos

28 June 2022

The Compilation Contains Plaza Sound, Parallel Beats, Coca Cola & Home Sounds

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Blondie: Against The Odds Cover Art by Amanda Conner & Paul Mounts
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LOS ANGELES—Coinciding with the upcoming launch of the Blondie: Against The Odds graphic novel this fall, Z2 Comics and Blondie will include the recently announced Blondie 1974-1982: Against The Odds official 4-LP box set with all platinum editions of the graphic novel. 

The package features 52 bonus tracks across four albums—Plaza Sound, Parallel Beats, Coca Cola, and Home Sounds, and comes packaged as a 128-page hardcover book inside a foil-wrapped slipcase.

The package definitively captures the iconic band’s inception and rise, as Blondie merged disco, rock, and beyond in the punk cradle of New York City’s Lower East Side. Limited to 100 copies, the Blondie 1974-1982: Against The Odds 4-LP box set will be released in platinum editions of the Blondie: Against The Odds graphic novel anthology. The book’s 21-page biography is written by famed Harley Quinn creative duo Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti, with electric art from Montos. A cache of writers and artists contribute 14 additional stories based on standout songs. These creative teams include such standout talent as:
• Wendy Wright-Williams
• Cassie Parkes
• David Avallone
• Howard Rodman
• Jazzlyn Stone
• Dan Whitehead
• Davide Barnett
• Richard Kadrey 
• J.H. Williams III
• Sebastian Piriz
• Lisa Weber
• Anthony Marques
• Manuela Pertega
• Corey ‘Rey’ Lewis
• Emily Pearson
• Liana Kangas
• Evgenia Vereli
• Sean Pryor
• Rodrigo Reyes
• Marco Perugini

Combining an imaginative take on an oral history of the band, interspersed with artistic interpretations of 14 songs from their catalog and an essay by famed music journalist Victor BockrisBlondie: Against The Odds captures the creative friction of NYC as the band fought their way to prominence, as well as the power and energy contained within the songs that fueled their rise to legendary status.

Regarding the Blondie 1974-1982: Against The Odds box set,Debbie Harry said, “It really is a treat to see how far we have come when I listen to these early attempts to capture our ideas on relatively primitive equipment. Fortunately the essence of being in a band in the early 70’s held some of the anti-social, counter culture energies of the groups that were the influencers of the 60’s. I am excited about this special collection. When I listen to these old tracks, it puts me there like I am a time traveler. As bad as it was sometimes, it was also equally as good. No regrets. More music.”

Blondie: Against The Odds is written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti (Harley Quinn) and features art by Montos, as well as a cover by Conner and her longtime colorist Paul Mounts, and is available for preorder now for a fall release in softcover and hardcover editions at finer comic shops, book, and record stores worldwide. Exclusively available through Z2’s website in limited quantities are the deluxe and signed platinum versions, packaged with exclusive prints from artists including Colleen DoranAlison SampsonBrian EwingMichael AllredDan LernerMatthew LinehamScrojoJan MeininghausJesse PhillipsTess FowlerBrennan WagnerSean PryorJohn K. Snyder III, and Jay Jay Jackson. The platinum edition includes the Blondie 1974-1982: Against The Odds box set along with a 12-inch vinyl single of “Sunday Girl” featuring new cover art from Jesse Phillips.

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“Sunday Girl” 12-Inch vinyl with art from Jesse Phillips
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Blondie: Against the Odds interior art by Montos
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Blondie: Against the Odds interior art by Montos
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Blondie: Against the Odds interior art by Montos
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Blondie: Against The Odds Print Art by Colleen Doran
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Blondie: Against The Odds Print Art by Alison Sampson
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Blondie: Against The Odds Print Art by Brian Ewing
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Blondie: Against The Odds Print Art by Michael Allred
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Vivir En La Havana Makes Its Nordic Premiere at Riff

29 September 2021

BLONDIE: VIVIR EN LA HABANA, directed by Rob Roth, will be making its Nordic premiere on October 2 at the 2021 RIFF | Reykjavík International Film Festival.

Both Debbie Harry and Rob Roth will be present at the screening. Plus, Debbie and Rob will have a conversation with Andrea Jónsdóttir, Bergur Ebbi Benediktsson, and the audience afterward.

Get tickets and learn more here:  

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A Note from Debbie:

6 April 2020

Dear Precious Friends: 

First and foremost, our hearts go out to anyone who’s been impacted by the virus, either directly or indirectly. We have been through a lot together over the years.  We have lived through attacks, bombings, mega huge storms & natural disasters, economic downturns, unemployment, strikes, bad governance, fuel shortages, blackouts and now this: a pandemic viral invasion.  Our lives are a wild ride but not necessarily fun or amusing.

Now we have all been made to separate for our own good (rightly so), restrained and under house arrest so to speak, and to top it all off, warned to keep at least six feet away from each other.  This is very hard on the huggers, and though I never considered myself one of these, I have never felt such a desperate need for an embrace. Coupled with the instructions to constantly wash your hands, I can’t help but think of the ever popular Lady MacBeth who could not eradicate bloody guilt no matter how often she washed her hands, in order to stop the spread of this plague, the coronavirus.

The blame game will get us nowhere. This is not the time to be divisive. All of us in the Blondie family were looking forward to a season of concerts and festivals as I am sure you were too. Clearly we have to fight this disease with everything we’ve got. During these times, we need social solidarity. We all have an ethical obligation to curtail activities and maintain vigilance with practicing social + physical distancing. The decisions we make now will ultimately affect the trajectory of this global outbreak

Together, we are facing a truly unprecedented situation. This is a chance to make our planet a safer place for all the beautiful creatures of the earth. Please take care.

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Debbie Harry Book Tour

13 August 2019

Join Blondie front woman Debbie Harry for an illuminating evening as she introduces her long-anticipated memoir, FACE IT (Dey Street, October 1, 2019).

Featuring an in-depth conversation, a visual presentation and more, with Blondie co-founder and renowned photographer, Chris Stein, and multi-disciplinary artist and director, Rob Roth.

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Clem documentary + research website update

12 September 2018

On Saturday, September 15, Sky Arts will debut the music documentary My View: Clem Burke at 9pm in the UK and Ireland (view trailer here). Philip Sansom directed the film, with Rupert Sansom producing for PHIX in conjunction with Canis Productions. The producers describe it as an access-all-areas look into the world of Burke, also known as the “Doctor of Rock” and dubbed the hardest working drummer in the business.

Clem received an Honorary Doctorate of Music degree from the University of Gloucestershire on July 30, 2011 in recognition of both his musical excellence and the pioneering research work he has undertaken exploring the physical demands of drumming and the uses of drumming to promote physical and psychological well being. Clem’s collaboration with researchers Dr. Marcus Smith and Dr. Steve Draper, cofounders of the Clem Burke Drumming Project, is still ongoing more than ten years after its inception in July 2008, and they proudly announce the relaunch of the Clem Burke Drumming Project official website at


Behind the scenes, Sky Arts My View: Clem Burke

Follow Clem Burke on Twitter @clem_burke

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