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dude restoring an old stool in H.K.


Tokyo kitty


Tokyo club doorway

‘dreaming is free’ so ‘lost in translation’ is a a nice film, as a matter of fact Bill Murray’s drunken karaoke of ‘More Than This’ is where i got the idea for us to cover the song from in the first pace… but for us in Japan very little was lost except for sleep… i found it as easy to interface with the culture as anyplace else, maybe even more so… maybe the rich alienated characters portrayed in the movie had a hard time there but i fucking loved it… besides in Tokyo there are almost as many gaijin western types wandering about as there are Japanese and Asians in NYC coming back to California, sitting in the lobby of a hotel that resembles a minimum security cell block, comparing notes with the crew and band i found that i wasnt the only one in the throes of deep culture shock… Hong Kong was a really great experience… we played at an annual fund raiser for kids and thirty four little 7-8 year old girls and boys sang their version of ‘dreaming’ with us… i’m gonna get a version of it up here sooner than later i hope… it was really sweet its just a tragedy that America has become so isolated from all the worlds other cultures, there’s so much more going on out there than what we think is ‘number one’ here… its sad, maybe someday we’ll learn one more thing… to paraphrase my pal Glenn O’Brien: “TERRORISM ONLY WORKS ON PEOPLE WHO ARE AFRAID”