October 7, 2015

Clem Burke interview on The Trap Set now available

Author: Barry L. Kramer

In the latest 36-minute episode of The Trap Set, Clem Burke is interviewed by host/producer Joe Wong in his free podcast about the lives of drummers. Clem talks about the New York glam scene at Club 82, the punk scene …

September 23, 2015

BLONDIE “3-for-2″ T-Shirt Sale!

Author: Michael Pilmer

Today is the Fall Solstice, also known as the Autumnal Equinox; it is the day when the day and night are in perfect harmony. Perfect harmony – something BLONDIE knows a little bit about. To celebrate this day of perfect …

September 9, 2015

Shepard Fairey & Chris Stein in NYC Sept. 18!

Author: Michael Pilmer

In celebration of his new monograph, Covert to Overt: The Under/Overground Art of Shepard Fairey (Rizzoli), Shepard Fairey will speak with Chris Stein about the world of art and the art of the world. Fairey’s “Hope” poster, created during Obama’s …

August 27, 2015


Author: Michael Pilmer

It’s Back-To-School time and that means brushing up on Blondie 101. ¬†Whether music, fashion or art is your concentration, the Official Blondie.net Store has everything you need to go to the head of the class. Pick up a Short & …